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Use your Co-op dollars before they expire.

3RedRockets specializes in Forklift Dealer Marketing. We understand the co-op programs that are made available to you by some of the OEM’s…and if you don’t use it, you lose it. That’s your hard-earned money that will be gone!

Now is the time to act before it is too late. We can help you. We maintain a full library of photos and artwork from the major OEM’s and can produce promotional materials quickly that meet co-op guidelines.

The easiest and quickest way to use those dollars is to create Promotional Flyers. Promotional Flyers are very versatile.

  • They can be printed and your sales team can use them as a reason to stop  in and see a customer or prospect.
  • They can be included with invoices and statements.
  • They can be emailed.
  • They can be used as ads in publications.
Promotional Flyer

Your co-op dollars will cover up to 50% of the cost of your purchase as long as you use them before they expire. Once they expire, they are gone and you will have to start accruing them again next year.

We have created 1,000’s of Promotional Flyers for forklift dealers and we make the process very easy.

3RedRockets offers many online and offline marketing services to grow your dealership and increase your profits.

Professional and Easy

We create and manage your campaigns for you so you can focus on serving your customers and running your business.


Stay in front of your customers. Cross-sell your other services to them and increase your profits.


Give your customers a reason to buy. Inform them of your special offers and watch your sales increase.

Dealer Testimonials

They helped us reverse our declining market share with sophisticated dealer marketing and sales programs that empowered dealers to aggressively out-market and out-sell their competitors in all of our markets.

Michael L.
Senior Sales Manager, North America - Komatsu Forklift USA

3RedRockets is the best.  The level of professionalism, creativity, and responsiveness they provide is unparalleled.  In a time where customer service often seems to be a thing of the past, 3RedRockets will remind you that there are still companies out there that treat customers as a top priority.  3RedRockets exceeds my expectations with each and every project – I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for us.

Reagen W.
Marketing/Training - Frontier Forklifts & Equipment

3RedRockets has put together a comprehensive mix of marketing services that has more than doubled the traffic to our website. They are also helping us turn that traffic into tangible leads that we can follow-up on.

Jeff P.
President/General Manager - Pennell Forklift Service

3RedRockets has helped us to create greater market awareness within North America. They are well connected within the material handling industry and have been able to help Noblelift and our dealers promote our products within their respective territories. There are a lot of marketing companies out there, but not very many that know the Material Handling Industry. 3RedRockets can hit the ground running and deliver results.

Loren S.
Managing Director - Noblelift North America

3RedRockets (AKA KW Powell) provided sales & marketing tools for me at two separate dealerships. During that time we reached record sales. They understand what dealers need to grow. I highly recommend them.

Bob L.
General Manager - Eaheart Industrial Service, Inc.

Running a forklift dealership and being responsible for 60 people keeps me very busy. Turning our marketing over to 3RedRockets has allowed us to be more consistent and more effective with our efforts. They understand our business and our need to build all 5 of our profit centers. 3RedRocket’s service has been excellent and they are always flexible and able to work around my schedule. It’s one less thing I need to worry about!

Scott G.
General Manager - Komatsu Atlanta Factory Store

We’re fortunate to have been introduced to 3RedRockets from another Dealer Partner. There is complexity and consequence with any marketing efforts – particularly digital. 3RedRockets has done an exceptional job in communicating not only “How” to step into this arena, but also “Why”. They are quick to provide feedback on our initiatives and share best-practices to make sure the content we are promoting is professional, concise, and actionable. They consistently invite us to explore new technologies to help us better capture and understand digital traffic. We measure our website activity year-to-year and have experienced a 24.2% increase in overall page views since we partnered with 3RedRockets.  One of our responsibilities as a Dealer is to provide great content and bring awareness to ways we can help our Customers cut costs and gain efficiencies.  Our digital marketing strategy with 3RedRockets has significantly helped us with that process.

Mike H.
Vice President - Forklifts of Michigan

3RedRockets provides us with consistent marketing that drives quality leads to our dealership. In turn, that helps our sales team focus on the best opportunities that will deliver the greatest return for their efforts. That’s what every forklift dealership needs.

What I really like, is that 3RedRockets doesn’t need supervision or a lot of details. I just tell them what I am trying to accomplish, and they take care of the rest. I get the benefit of having an experienced marketing team, without the hassle of having to manage them. They provide insight and marketing leadership that helps our dealership out-market our competitors.

Madison A.
Dealer Principal - Select Equipment