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Get ahead of your competition with a Mobile App. Great for both new and repeat business.

Mobile Apps have become an essential tool businesses need to succeed in today’s ever growing electronic and wireless revolution. Mobile devices have quickly become the most common way consumers access the internet and information related to businesses and shopping. Smart phones are expected to overtake fixed internet connections within the next few years. In fact, it is estimated that over 780 million consumers and business owners will exclusively use only their mobile devices to access the internet, choosing not to own a fixed connection such as a laptop or computer.

There are over 4.7 billion mobile phones in use today. The average american spends 87 hours per month browsing on a smartphone. 90% of consumer’s mobile time is spent in apps. And these numbers don’t even include other mobile devices like pads.

Mobile Apps offer many standard features for customer acquisition and retention. They can also be customized for specific applications for your unique needs.


GeoFence your competitors’ locations or large venues, like a concert and offer instant specials within those Geo’s. GeoFencing is an invisible weapon and one of the best business growth tools available today.

App Share

App Share empowers your customers to share your app via Facebook, email, Messenger, etc, spreading your app like wildfire.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs (no Card needed) are what your repeat customers demand! They want a discount or something free. These loyalty programs encourage repeat visits or purchases.

Current Event Calendars

Current Event Calendars which keep your customers informed on all the important events you have going on, you have no wasted paper or printing costs.

Menu or Inventory Lists

Restaurant menu or Inventory lists so customer can order directly with their mobile phone app or your staff can create an order from anywhere in your location.

Push Notifications

Communicate with Push notifications by delivering important updates about important changes, specials, offers, and sales. Instantly share information directly to all app users’ phones with just one simple step.

QR Coupons

QR Coupons are one-use coupons redeemed by scanning a QR code. Save $1,000’s on ineffective print or mail campaigns.

Social Integration

Social integration: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. The fastest way to get new customers is to get your customers talking about you or sharing their experience.

One Touch Calls

One touch calls. No numbers to save or remember, they are driving or on the move—make it easier for them to reach you and watch your sales increase!

Give Customers Multiple Ways to Reach You

Give customers multiple ways to reach you. Today’s customers want an app with a mobile website, email, and GPS directions to find and reach you.

GPS Coupons

GPS Coupons enable electronic coupons to be sent to your customers within a certain radius of your business. Drive business during your slow times or sell products that are not moving as quickly as you had hoped.

GPS Map & Directions

GPS Map & Directions provides instant step-by-step driving directions directly to your business location(s) with just one simple click.

Shopping Cart

Use a mobile shopping cart to sell your products and services inside your mobile app. Full integration built into your app. This is where, in the near future, most dollars will be spent.

Payment Gateway Connection

Payment gateway connection ensures you can run payments easily and securely. We do all the integration for you with your new merchant account with us.


Analytics – Powerfully track your users and your new installs. View your most profitable users & groups and customize marketing to target them directly.

Mobile Apps can be used for Ratings & Reviews, Videos, Podcasts, Audio Streaming, Photo Uploads, DropBox, Forms, Surveys, E-signatures & More.

Call to see how a Mobile App can give you a competitive advantage.